Applicants - MUST READ.


General Applicant Information


Vile is recruiting a limited number of players.

Before you apply, you MUST read all rules, located in the Rules forum. The purpose of this is for you to see if you will fit into our guild format. Take special notice of the required mods.

Your application MUST be in the provided application format (see other stickied thread).

Even though a class may be closed, posting an application is still recommended.

We are an end-game raiding guild. Players must be level 60+, and be ready for end-game content. We are also quite active, and ask that you be prepared to attend raids on a relatively frequent basis.

Recruiting Officers

If your application is approved, you will be contacted, or asked to contact a recruiting officer. Recruiting officers: Lefilgruber, Shenti, Axbit, Pfistmister, Longbeard, Stormplow.

Trial Period

Upon invite, you will be placed upon a 2 week trial review, in which you will not be able to take epic loot. After the trial period is up, a final decision will be made to promote you to Member.

We thank you for applying.