Just checkin in, and a general what’s up to everyone. Thought I’d give a little background, list some favorite drinks, and look forward to downin that ugly fucker Gruul tonight-

The quick overview:
Real name Sean, born & raised in NoVa (Northern VA), did undergrad (CIS/Spanish) at James Madison University (2001), currently director of software development for a medium company that does Court Case Management / Public Records. Anything else like that can be found here- www.myspace.com/collinsc

Fav drinks:
Beer- Dogfish Head 60 minute IPA, Dominion Ale, anything with alcohol
Wine- Zinfindel (The RED Zinfindel, not that pink shit!), Cabernet Franc, Syrah
Liquor- Used to be Jack, but we don’t hang out as often anymore… Vodka or Vodka + anything is wonderful.

hmm. that’s about it- see ya’ll around!