Jeezle 68 Warlock - Declined


Name/Class/Level: Jeezle/Warlock/68
Talent Points Spec: current: 9/5/45 future 9/7/45
Professions: 349 tailoring (spellcloth), 338 Enchanting

Unbuffed Arcane Resistance: 0
Unbuffed Fire Resistance: 0

What gear do you have? nothing worth mentioning
What end-game raiding experience do you have?: everything up to sethekk so far… im only 68
Are you Karazhan attuned? not quite. on the shadow labs key fragment

Do you have Ventrilo, with a working microphone: yes
Do you have CT_Raid_Assist?: yes

If you don’t have either of the above, are you going to get them?:

What time zone are you in? Eastern
What days/times are you available to raid? weekdays 7-11 EST weekends all day

References inside or outside of the guild (mandatory!): Cicandrya, Gloistine, Vulcore, Xebek, Lefilgruber, Axbit, Shenti, Dewizzy
Name of guild(s) you have been member: Order ofthe Emerald dawn, Elysium, Scorps, Vile, back to Scorps
Why did you leave your last guild?: people rushing me to 70 but not willing to help me get there (left vile because of a long story and i’d feel better off typing it to whoever reviews this app myself)
What are you looking for in a guild?: friendly environment, willing to assist
If the guild asked you to re-spec your talent points, would you?: yes

What is your connection type/stability?: cable/ stable
Age?: 14 (15 in 2 weeks)