Moridante - 70 Shaman - Approved


Moridante, Shaman, 70

Talent Points Spec:
PvE Enhancement - 0/45/16. ( … =Moridante)

Just took up dragonscale leatherworking/skinning. about 250/280

Unbuffed Arcane Resistance:
95 if i wore it all - usually just wear 30 or 70

Unbuffed Fire Resistance:

What gear do you have?
decent? Check the armory :slight_smile:

What end-game raiding experience do you have?:
MC, BWL, AQ, NAXX, KZ, Gruuls

Are you Karazhan attuned?

Do you have Ventrilo, with a working microphone?:

What time zone are you in?

What days/times are you available to raid?
Weekday nights after 6 Server, Weekend daytime - I can usually raid 1-2 nights during the week and 1 weekend day without living in the dog house.

References inside or outside of the guild (mandatory!):
Inside: Veasha, Varuna, Rakarth, Ronir
Outside: Plenty, if needed

Name of guild(s) you have been member:
Ironforge Mercs - 12/06-06/07
Valar Morghulis - 06/07

Why did you leave your last guild?:
If Mercs - officer burnout, not raiding anymore, mass apathy.
Valar - (Still currently a member) they took me in (mostly ex-mercs) while I decided what the hell to do.

What are you looking for in a guild?:
Good people, good times, good raiding, no drama.

If the guild asked you to re-spec your talent points, would you?:
In all honesty, I’d prefer not to, but if it was a need I’d do it- I’d think twice before making me a healer though… :slight_smile:

What is your connection type/stability?:


Answer honestly. This guild is more group oriented. If gear drops that you are technically eligible for, but would benefit the guild if it were distributed to someone else, would you pass on the item for the greater good?
As long as it wasn’t leather… (Kidding! Of course I’d pass.)