Oh Yes, This WoW-Addict Is Taking Time Off!


[color=blue]I’ve recently gotten a new dog, a 4-month old Shih-Poo(I’d be glad to e-mail pictures if people want to see her). As a puppy she’s freaking active compared to my former dog whom was 15 years old and way more mature. I cannot bear myself too a whole lot of commitment to raids. I will continue to show my support for the guild, however I am not 100% if I can always stay during a raid or even 5-mans. She’s young and so is her bladder.
I will be taking reduced time and you’ll see me generally on from 7 or 8pm CST Till Midnight(She goes in her crate/cage at about 10:30pm CST aka Sleepy Time!) or later.

Your friendly guild badass mofo warlock,
~Pitiless / Paladine