Serpentshrine Shopping List EVERYONE READ!


We are currently working on collecting the mats for our tanking gear for Serpentshrine Caverns. To start off, we need 2 complete sets of frost and nature resistance gear for our tanks.
Here are the mats we need to start farming for us to walk in SSC.

52 Khorium Bars = 104 Khorium Ore
52 Felsteel Bar = 156 Fel Iron, 104 Eternium Ore
16 Mercurial Adamantite
84 Primal Water
84 Primal Fire
84 Primal Life
84 Primal Shadow

Please send all mats to Pfistmister
Get Farming! =D Thanks.


i’ll be sending a lot of primal lifes, so if you could keep me posted so i dont’ send too much it’d be great :stuck_out_tongue:


Was wondering if pfisty (or someone who knows) could give us an update on what is still needed!


the mats we still need are as follows

23 khorium bars
62 primal water
65 primal fire

40 felsteel bars
31 primal life
47 primal shadow

that is what is left for the 2 complete sets

thanks for all the donations so far… we just need some more


Information regarding what is still needed can be found in the Guild Information tab in-game