Skinning / Leatherworking


Please post here if you are a skinner, or a leatherworker, or both. This is to keep track so that your guildmates can request materials, or craftables from you.


If you need something ask and I will see if I can make it. I have alot of patterns. Even some that I got revered with AD. So just ask and I will let you kno… :unamused:


375 skinning and 365 dragonscale leatherworking. I can currently craft the gloves and boots for arcane resist and arcane kits. PST if you need anything :smiley: .


I’m about to specialize in leatherworking and was wondering if there is any type the guild needs. I know Veasha has dragonscale and Myrogue has elemental. Anyone have tribal? Do we need a tribal leatherworker? Let me know.


From what I can see, Tribal Leatherworking makes a very nice BOP set for Moonkin Druids. Three different epic set pieces much like the different professions of tailoring. They’re called the windhawk pieces (belt, bracers, and hauberk). Other than that I see no other advantage to being a tribal LW.