Skorrn 70 Shaman - Approved


Subject: Guild Application

Name/Class/Level: Skorrn Shaman lvl 70
Talent Points Spec: 0/7/54
Professions: Black Smithing/Mining

Unbuffed Arcane Resistance: 64 working on a arcane set
Unbuffed Fire Resistance: 0 no excuse for no fire resist gess i should get started

What gear do you have? I have + 1300 healing some pices cloth gear, some mail.
What end-game raiding experience do you have?: As a Resto Shaman Not Much, Ive been up to Chess event in Kara. With a resto druid Ive done MC/ONY/BWL/AQ/and Kara.
Are you Karazhan attuned? Yes

Do you have Ventrilo, with a working microphone: Yes
Do you have CT_Raid_Assist?: Yes

If you don’t have either of the above, are you going to get them?:

What time zone are you in? Alaska
What days/times are you available to raid? Server time? 7 PM-3AM Monday-Friday- Saturday and Sun all day

References inside or outside of the guild (mandatory!): Demetri and Pfistmister, Done a few heroics with the both of them.
Name of guild(s) you have been member: As my shaman-Spiritmoon and pandemonium. As my drood Mjollinir and Spiritmoon
Why did you leave your last guild?: Rarely enough people to raid with that are on anymore in pandemonium.
What are you looking for in a guild?: Just some peeps that are willin to work together for a larger goal.
If the guild asked you to re-spec your talent points, would you?: Ofcorse

What is your connection type/stability?: 1 MBPS
Age?: 20