Still have some Blue gear?


If you have some blue gear that you want to replace, post here. I’ll look up what some upgrades might be and let you know where you can find em!

Heroics or not, we’re trying to get people the specific gear they’re looking for off specific bosses since we have two groups clearing Karazhan and are sharding more loot than we want to.

Also post here if you already know where the gear you want drops - Karazhan or not, so officers can have an idea of which bosses to try to get you in on in Karazhan or which heroics would be the most beneficial to run.

Happy Hunting –



belt - Illhoof
chestpiece - Nightbane

after those and one more badge reward, i’ll be all outta blues


[color=blue]Just need gloves from Curator. Then like Belegonfax, I will be void of blues.


mainhand prince
staff sethekk heroic
offhand nightbane
pants shadowlabs heroic
trinket arcatraz norm/heroic

all from last boss in the 5 mans


Fiend Slayer Boots - Chess Event
mail kara legs or t4 - whichever comes first
chest piece(scaled breastplate of carnage or t4) - whichever comes first =p


lots… but i’m satisfied with it (for now). If I was to replace my gear, this is what I’m thinking:

Head - T4 (KZ) or Maulgar’s Warhelm (Gruuls)
Neck - Mithril Chain of Heroism (KZ), or Choker of Vile Intent (Badges)
Chest- T4 (Mag), Ebon Netherscale (crafted, workin on it)
Cloak- Farstrider Wildcloak (KZ), Royal Cloak of the Arathi Kings (KZ)
Bracer - Swiftstrike Bracers (Crafted BoE), Veteran’s Bracers (PVP)
Legs - Midnight Legguards (Heroic Slave Pens), Rip Flayer Leggings (KZ)
Feet- Ferocious Swift Kickers (KZ)
Ring- Garona’s Signet Ring (KZ), or Ring of Reciprocity (Kazzak)
Trinket- Dragonspine Trophy (Gruul), Bloodlust Brooch (Badges), Darkmoon:Crusade (Fair)
MH Weapon- Decapitator (KZ), Fools Bane (KZ)
Totem- Totem of the Astral Winds (Heroic that i’m nowhere near keyed for)