Tailoring / Enchanting


Please post here if you are a tailor, or an enchanter, or both. This is to keep track so that your guildmates can request craftable cloth, or enchants from you.


Eriselli is a 300 tailor with lots of the rep patterns


leadfoot is a 300 enchanter and tailor


Houseman is a 300 tailor with a few rare recipes which include:
o Cloak of Warding
o All Wizardweave pieces
o Sylvan pieces


300 ench 300 tail i have 55 healin chant crusader chant 25agi 2h chant 15fr/nr chant and nothin of real value in tailoring except the flarecore wraps and the full bloodvine set


enchanter with many usefull recipies, most of the world drops, some instance drops and most of the reps.


Shenti - Enchanter
24 healing bracers
+5 damage to 1h weapon
4 mana per 5 bracers

Flarecore Robe/Gloves/Mantle


Zorodruin is a 300 tailor/enchanter

I have all the recipes/patterns you can get from Thorium Brotherhood at Honored… didn’t really want to spend tons of time and money getting revered.


Currently Sitting at 365 enchanting

i have:
Bracers: 30healing, 12str, 24atk pwr, 12int
Gloves: 35healing, 20 spell damage
Weapon: 81healing(1h/2h), 70 Atk pwr(2h), 35agl(2h)


im at 345 tailoring and about 320 enchanting. been working on tailoring a little more than enchanting at this point. Also, most of the Azeroth patterns are going to be useless, ive already gotten +30 heals to bracers and +30 int to weap. so we should worry more about this when we are all 70. But it doesnt hurt to post new BC patterns that we pick up.

update 2/6: Got +12 defense to bracers last night, and the mats are not too terrible; enchanting up to 340. Also we are going to need lots of different resist gear. I can make a cloak with +12 stam and around 30 arcane resist, and cloth gloves with nice stats and 35 arcane resist. Mats are quite pricey for gloves as they are epix, but the cloak is blue and mats arent too bad.


Soulcloth Gloves mats are as follows… Soul essence x 40 (about 3g each), Bolt of netherweave x5 (total 30 pieces netherweave cloth), knothide leather x6, rune thread x4. Not too bad, about 135-160g worth of mats. We wont need to distribute these to all of our clothies anytime too soon, but it never hurts to be prepared. The only place to get the soul essence is AH or Karazhan, so may be a while before we can farm them.

Soulcloth Gloves
24 stam
13 int
9 spirit
35 arcane resist
yellow gem slot
red gem slot


Stormplow is a 375 Spellfire Tailor.

Unique Tailoring Creations:

  • Golden Spellthread
  • Spellstrike Hood/Pants
  • Flameheart Gloves/Vest/Bracers = 120 FR
  • Whitemend Helm


375 Mooncloth Tailor on Angelite
got most the arcane resist stuff, blah
gettin more each day