The Guild Rules and FAQ


These are the guild rules. If you are in Vile or looking to join Vile you will agree and abide by these rules.


  1. Don’t be racist/sexist/homophobic/etc.
  2. You must be OK with adult language.
  3. You must be OK with occasional discussion of adult beverages and cannabis.
  4. Don’t argue with those above you in the chain of command during dungeons/raids (see below).
  5. Don’t be greedy with loot. Put the guild first.
  6. Don’t spam (guild chat, voice chat, vile forum, wow forum, trade chat, general chat, etc etc)
  7. In general, just don’t be an ass.

Casual vs Hardcore

We do intend to raid but that’s not to suggest that we’re only interested in hardcore raiders. If you don’t have interest in raiding we’d still be interested in bringing you in if you like running 5-mans, pvp, or farming in a guild with like-minded people. However, that being said, if you do get brought in as a “casual” you should not expect any raid slots or involvement in raiding. If you decide to change your mind later and switch from “casual” to “raider” you can do that but only if we’ve got open slots for your class and mutually agree that you can make that change.

Chain of Command

We have a chain of command that roughly looks like this (the roles may change name, but the spirit of the roles will not):

Guild Leader : Sets overall direction of progression, recruiting, pretty much everything.
Officer (Class or Role) : Coordinates / organizes the effectiveness of the class/role in terms of loot/spec/play and recruiting.
Raider : Is reliable in terms of scheduling and stays current on gear/consumables/strategies.
Casual : A warm body that likes to hang out.
Trial : Someone we haven’t yet vetted. Unlikely to get loot or slots until more time passes.

If you have a problem or complaint that you feel requires the guild to address:

  • Do not bring your complaint to the guild leader directly unless you are an officer.
  • Direct your complaints to the officer that you most directly report to (class or role).

We’re happy to help you but the system will not scale unless we have appropriate levels of delegation in place.

Not a Democracy

You will find this guild is not a democracy. When decisions are made about raid schedules, raid slots, loot, boss strategies, etc, the decisions are made by the officer pool and are final. We do not take votes. This is not designed to squash voices, its just to reduce the number of voices involved in the decision making process so that we can move forward. You are still free to work with your most direct officer (class or role) if you have complaints, but you will not argue mid-raid about anything.


Our philosophy on loot is very simple:

  • We want to put the loot where it will help us progress the most.
  • Early on we will want to gear up our tanks/healers as a priority.

We’ve not yet decided on the exact loot distribution mechanism (master loot / loot council, dkp, etc etc).

But the decision about where the loot will go is not up for debate and final. You will not argue with leadership mid-raid about loot distribution.

Raid Slots and Requirements

If you want to raid with us there are requirements:

  • You must have a reliable schedule and be punctual.
  • You must have your gear enchanted as appropriate.
  • You must have consumables as appropriate.
  • You must not raid with another guild. We need your lockout.
  • You must know at least the basics of the boss fights.

Voice Chat

If you intend to raid or run 5-mans with us you will be required to be in voice chat. Currently we use Mumble for this and upon receiving an invite to the guild you will gain access to the Mumble server information. There are some basic rules here:

  • You must use push-to-talk. Nobody wants to hear you breathing.
  • When there is a guild leader, raid leader, or officer speaking, shut up.
  • If we’re in a raid keep voice communication to a minimum so leadership can coordinate.
  • Don’t scream, be annoying, or immature.

Can I join?

Maybe? It depends on what you’re after and when.

Right now (in BFA) we’re largely just in a holding pattern until Classic WoW launches. There are very few people who log on these days and those who do are typically not running much in the way of raids or dungeons. For BFA we don’t really bring anything to the table other than a place to chill.

However, when Classic WoW comes out this will all change very rapidly. We will be growing back into a major raiding guild in Classic WoW including all that comes with it (recruiting, farming, scheduling raids, etc). So if you want in on the ground floor of the operation then maybe we would be a good home for you.

How do I apply?

Make a post in this section of the forums. The post template contains all information we require and you should fill each section in to the best of your ability. A more complete application is much more likely to earn you a trial invite. An incomplete application or a poorly answered application will probably just get locked and ignored.

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