The (Old) Rules


Locked Instances

Gruul’s Lair

If we are currently running, or plan to raid a location - you may not run that instance with another guild. If you are raid locked and unable to attend one of our raids, you will most likely not enjoy the resulting repercussions.


We require that you run Ventrilo.

If you do not have the above items, you do not raid.

Following Raid Leader

During a raid, the raid leader has final say over everything. He supercedes all officers, class commanders, master looters. If he tells you to strip naked and hug the boss, you will do so, without question. You DO NOT contradict the raid leader, or attempt to lead others. The purpose of your 100% subservence in this area is not for us to impose our power on you, it is to prevent confusion and place all focus on the chosen direction. It exists to help us move quickly, and efficiently.

Other Guilds

If you apply to another guild, don’t expect to remain here, since that pretty much illustrates you don’t want to be here. (Loyal)

Raid Attendance

We need you to progress. If you do not attend a satisfactory amount of raids, you most likely will not be raiding with us much. What constitues a “Satisfactory” amount will be decided opon by the Guild Leader and the Officers.


We will occasionally have alt-friendly runs. If a raid is not designated alt-friendly, alts will not obtain loot. As a member of Vile, you must declare your main. Alts can attend secondary Karazhan runs if the raid leader gives the OK.

Loot Distribution

Loot distribution is explained in a seperate thread in this forum. Please review it. We do NOT run a DKP system.

If you do not follow these rules, you will get one warning. If you disobey these rules consistently, you will not be a member of Vile.