Yezierski 70 Priest - Accepted


Name/Class/Level:yezierski priest 70
Talent Points Spec:27/34/00
Professions:tailoring 336

Unbuffed Arcane Resistance:0
Unbuffed Fire Resistance:0

What gear do you have? good healing bc blues
+1064 healing
What end-game raiding experience do you have?:MC AQ 40
Are you Karazhan attuned? yes

Do you have Ventrilo, with a working microphone:yes, yes,
Do you have CT_Raid_Assist?:yesl

If you don’t have either of the above, are you going to get them?:

What time zone are you in? western pacific
What days/times are you available to raid?very often

References inside or outside of the guild (mandatory!):alyx RL friend
Name of guild(s) you have been member:
Why did you leave your last guild?:
What are you looking for in a guild?:good players
If the guild asked you to re-spec your talent points, would you?:yes

What is your connection type/stability?:cox highspeed
Age?: 18

Answer honestly. This guild is more group oriented. If gear drops that you are technically elidgible for, but would benefit the guild if it were distributed to someone else, would you pass on the item for the greater good? of course


You didn’t answer hardly any of the questions. Not accepting this application.


after talking it over, we decided to accept this application